Charlie Hebdo Protests in Niger Leave at Least Five Dead

Niamey, Niger.

Reuters is reporting that at least five people are dead after a protest of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon of the profit Mohammed. On Saturday, the second day of protesting, Reuters reports, Residents said churches were burned, Christian homes looted and the French cultural center attacked. A police officer and three civilians had already been confirmed killed in the demonstrations. police sources said.

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International Criminal Court Opens Inquiry into “Situation in Palestine”

International Criminal Court, The Hague, The Netherlands.

In a press release sent out Friday, the International Criminal Court announced that  the Prosecutor of the ICC, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda had “opened a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine.” The press release makes a point to note that a “preliminary examination,” is not to be confused with a full investigation, but instead a look at

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Palestine and the International Criminal Court

President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas.

On New Year’s Day, Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine applied for his country to join the International Criminal Court. His end goal? To potentially charge Israel with war crimes. “The Nuclear Option” As noted in this week’s The Economist, Palestine’s application to join the Court could come at a high cost: Israeli officials promised it would result in an appropriate “Zionist

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UPDATE: The Charlie Hebdo Attack and Je Suis Charlie

In reaction to the massacre in Paris this week of twelve people at the Charlie Habdo offices, many supporters of freedom of speech and freedom of expression have adopted the slogan, “Je Suis Charlie.”

UPDATE: January 17th, 2015 After the attacks last week in Paris by three young men, there have been a string of related incidents targeting the muslim community across France. shared a map created

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