What We Do

What We Do

The Institute for Justice Sector Development (IJSD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to address rule of law deficits in post-conflict, fragile, and developing states and to improve the effectiveness of international support to them.

There are three basic considerations that guide our work:

First, a recognition that a culture of rule of law demands that governments provide citizens with security, equal and fair application of rights and obligations, and a transparent, independent, fair, and accountable justice process.

Second, an acceptance that we must raise the professional competence and level of performance of those deployed to fragile and transitional states in rule of law development projects.

Third, a respect for local and regional values reflected by a recognition that the architects and administrators of a nation’s legal system should be those that will live under it.

With these considerations in mind, IJSD supports:

The Design of Professional Standards

Board Member Hanneke Gelderblom-Lankhout participating in panel discussion at conference in Tunis.

Board Member Hanneke Gelderblom-Lankhout participating in panel discussion at Tunis Conference. (c.) IJSD

Development of Strategic Planning Competence

Project Management and Implementation

Needs and Gaps Analysis and Programmatic Design

Improvement of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Integrated Information Management Systems

Civil Society and Access to Justice Promotion

Governance and Public Sector Administration

Security Sector Governance and Reform Research

Rule of Law Training Programs and Specialized Curriculum Development

Anti-Corruption Enforcement